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Welcome to Garage 54

Discover a hassle-free auto repair experience at our comprehensive and expert automotive shop! Our team of certified professionals provides a diverse range of top-tier auto repair services, accompanied by superior products and a warm and welcoming customer service experience.
Contact us today to schedule your next maintenance service, whether it’s a brake repair, oil change, wheel alignment, transmission service, or any other automotive need you have in mind!

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Our Customer Reviews

Great professional service.

Jonny Honcoop May 5, 2024

Great help, very quick to respond and get me answers on what was needed.

James de Vries Mar 3, 2024

We are very happy with Garage 54. Keep our vehicles in top shape.

Jerry Bekendam Mar 3, 2024

Always amazing service and friendly helpful staff. I’ve taken my vehicles here for a few years now and trust their service techs will do a fabulous job!

Lily Froman Mar 3, 2024

Great, quick service, fair price.

Sandy Postma Feb 2, 2024

Well worth the drive for me! In my opinion Garage 54 is awesome, trustworthy, proficient and excellent customer service.

kelly p Sep 9, 2023

This garage was the best garage I’ve used! (Coming from a women who doesn’t know much about Vehicle’s) I will definitely be going back for any work that is needed in the future!

Stephanie Thomas Dec 12, 2023

Tim and his guys are top notch!! Been taking our vehicles there for a number of years now. Keep up the great work!!!!

Gary Hill Nov 11, 2023

This is an upstanding shop run by great, honest, hard working people. Owner Tim, service scheduler Jeff, and mechanic Jay went absolutely above and beyond for my old Toyota in every way. I had a complicated to do list and Jeff spent a lot of extra time finding part options and making sure I could do it how I wanted, and Tim was very supportive of my plans and explained certain technical things to me when necessary. Jay did extra research on some stuff I was curious about and did great work. I can't say enough good things. Very thorough, very professional, and I had a long list but still, reasonably priced work. They have earned my trust and respect! Lucky to have a repair shop like Garage54 locally

lauren Oct 10, 2023

I really appreciate the thorough approach to the repairs. I feel that my vehicle has been assessed beyond just what was needing repair which I find really helpful. They're often busy but get me in when they say which is very valuable to me and the repairs are done in reasonable time.

Dan Van Delden May 5, 2023

These guys are honest and very knowledgeable. Great first time experience!

G Dolick Mar 3, 2023

My old jeep has seen alot of miles and these guys still seem to amaze with the service. Personally, they've patched everything from brake lines to transmission gears and never failed me. Just for figures, I drive a 1988 Jeep wrangler with more than 200 thousand Km of wear and tear worn into its bearings, this shop has been around since 4 years before it was made!! They know how to take care of your dearly loved oldies and beautiful new models too! Year after year they still have my business and my trust!

Jenny Kender Nov 11, 2022

I have been coming to Agritech Auto for 12 years and I wouldn’t take my vehicle anywhere else. I trust them completely.

Audra Ann Nov 11, 2022

Good people.

Julia Clitheroe Aug 8, 2022

They advertise as “honest” and they are!! Excellent mechanics, all around

Teresa Deraspe Jul 7, 2022

I always take my vehicles to Agritech, their team is knowledgeable, helpful, and never make me feel silly for asking questions. I tell anyone and everyone, if they want a good, reliable, and trustworthy mechanic, go to Agritech on hwy 54.

Alkiie Froman Feb 2, 2022

Not quite the same once Willy left. But the new staff in the actual automotive building is extremely kind, knowledgeable, and honest. Thank you for re-instilling confidence in this business

Jeremiah Gerrard Sep 9, 2021

I need a second brake in my car for work. It's quite a job to put one in. Rick was the mechanic that installed it for me. I am completely thrilled and pleased with the job he did. Rick ... you're the man!!! Thank you

Liz Hmphrey Dec 12, 2021

They are amazing!!!

Karen Hill May 5, 2021

Great 👍

Len Hodgson Mar 3, 2021

Honest, friendly and reliable. Willy knows his stuff!

Shawn Moody Aug 8, 2020

Excellent service. Highly recommend

Diane Bomberry Jul 7, 2020

First time coming here, fast, efficient and bill was exactly as told upfront.Highly recommend

Randy D Apr 4, 2020

Amazing place so happy with the service here they found out what was wrong with my car that a dealer couldnt and the price was very reasonable! Thanks so much will be back for sure!

sharon mitchell Feb 2, 2020

Always accommodating! Need I say more?

Adam Dufrat Sep 9, 2019

Great service!

Ashley Pierce Jan 1, 2019

Most honest people

Kevin Kroesbergen Jul 7, 2017

Honest and quality work. I've been a client for almost 10 years and have brought 5 different vehicles for all their repair work.

David Bonany Aug 8, 2017

Awesome mechanical people. Friendly service and reasonable prices

Patsy Joanne Hill Aug 8, 2017
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